Life through a lens

Summer Fun

(**Disclaimer – photos in this post were taken with an iphone or other point and shoot camera and are not professional photos)

This summer has been a crazy one with lots of weddings, travel, and fun activities!  The month of July felt like we were going, going, going with no time to stop.  We went to 4 weddings (2 of which I got to shoot), had a week long vacation, and went to see a Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals game.  Now that August has rolled around, things have slowed down as Matt and I are both getting ready to begin new jobs.  After long term subbing last year, I was hoping to find a full time teaching position, but after pursuing some options, it didn’t work out.  But, oh how God provides!  He has given me some great jobs this upcoming year that still involve teaching that I am so excited about!  Meanwhile, we are getting ready to take on a major flooring remodel at our house.  Are we crazy?!  Sometimes it feels like it!  But this is something we have wanted/needed to do since buying this house and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

So, like I said, this summer was packed full of travel.  We had our 3 year anniversary in June and Matt surprised me with a trip to Branson!  We went to Silver Dollar City one day, and shopped at the outlet stores the next.  It was such a great time hanging out together celebrating our marriage.  Over the 4th of July weekend, we traveled to Dallas for our friends’ Andy & Shannon’s wedding, and while we were there, decided to go see a Texas Rangers game with friends…

The next 2 weekends I shot weddings (which will be in the upcoming blog posts!), and then we headed out on our vacation.  We absolutely LOVE road trips, so since last summer we drove to California and back, this summer we decided to head east and see some good friends and family along the way.  Our first stop was in Atlanta, GA where we visited one of Matt’s aunts.  After that, we traveled to New Bern, NC where we got see my lifelong friend, Lauren.  She showed us around her cute little town, took us to the beach (beautiful!), and treated us to some great seafood!  Here we are with Lauren in her beautiful home…

We had such a great time relaxing and I loved getting to hang out with my friend since we hardly get to see each other anymore.  After spending a couple days in New Bern, we headed north a couple hours to Wake Forest to visit our good friends Chad and Mindy.  They moved from Tahlequah about a year ago so Chad could attend Seminary, and I have missed Mindy so much!  Here’s a photo of us the last night we were there..

They took us to Duke University where we toured the University Chapel…

Then we went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I got to see the soccer stadium.  Growing up, it was my dream to play college soccer there…haha, that sure didn’t happen!

Yes, UNC Women’s soccer is that good.  And that’s why I wanted to play for them.

We decided to stay one more day than we had planned which meant a straight 19+ hr. car ride home.  Fun times.  The very next weekend we traveled to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play…

And after 10 innings of no runs, the Cards pulled out a W.

This summer has been so fun and we were so blessed to be able to make all the trips that we did.  And I’m so excited for what God has in store for us this upcoming year (I speak in school years apparently).

More from the 2 weddings and kids sessions to come!


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