Life through a lens

Children’s Photographer: Sankie & Owen

You may have seen these adorable little boys on my old blog back when I first started taking pictures with a dslr. The have been my guinea pigs from the beginning since their mom and dad are two of our closest friends.   They have become like family to Matt and I and we are so thankful for their friendship. We’ve gotten to watch both of them grow from newborns into little boys and it has been such a blessing to see. A couple months back their mom, Jamie, actually asked me to take some photos of them (normally I beg her to! : ) ) and I of course said yes!  These two were a hoot and definitely gave me a workout chasing them around during our session!  My legs were eaten up by chiggers, but the photos were so worth it : ). Here are my favorites…

Look at that innocent little face!  I could just kiss him all over : )  Owen’s favorite word to me right now is “No!”  I’m tellin’ you, anything I ask him, that’s his answer.

Sankie went through a phase a while back where he didn’t want anything to do with me.  I’m not gonna lie, it totally hurt my feelings even though I know he’s just a little kid.  But several months ago, he finally started warming up to me again and I’m so glad!  I just love this kid!

They are such hams….love it!

Sankie is such a loving older brother to Owen, and it’s just so sweet to watch.  Owen follows Sankie around everywhere and tries to do everything brother is doing..

And I’ll end with pretty much the only photo I got of them both smiling at me!

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