Life through a lens

Catching Up…Children’s Photographer: Isaac, Andrew & Kate

Wow.  How in the world have I let 3 months go by without a single post?  Disorganization, that’s how.  I got so caught up in the whirlwind of sessions and weddings that hit at the end of the year that I let this little blog of mine go by the wayside.  Well folks, I’m back…and with a plan!  One of my goals for this year (no, not resolution, because who really even keeps those anyway?) is to blog at least once a week.  “Whoa! Once a week?? Watch out!,” you might be thinking..but yes, I’m going to try.  So as the title suggests, I have A LOT of catching up to do!

I love kids. I really do. But chasing them around with a camera for a couple hours is exhausting! And these little cousins made me WORK! : ) Andrew and Isaac’s mom and dad used to go to church with us until they went and moved all the way up to Minneapolis for dad to do an internship at Bethlehem Baptist (if you haven’t heard of the pastor there, John Piper, you should check him out! He’s kind of amazing!) and ended up staying there. I was so glad they contacted me for pictures when they were in town this past summer.

Here are a few of the boys, Isaac and Andrew…

and here is their precious cousin Kate, who I could barely get a smile out of…

…but boy do I looooove those chubby little cheeks! : )

and now all together as rock stars…

Thanks so much for letting me document your little ones!


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