Life through a lens

Tahlequah Engagement: Sam & Amber

A couple years ago I worked a summer job at a fireworks warehouse owned by a family that we go to church with.  Amber is one of their gorgeous daughters who I hadn’t really gotten know very well.  Extremely shy but really sweet, Amber became one of the people I really enjoyed chatting with at work everyday.  At the end of that summer I was really starting to get into photography and had gotten the opportunity to shoot my very first wedding.  Amber, being the sweet girl that she is, kindly suggested that maybe one day when she got married (to the boy she had been dating since high school, no less!)  I could be her photographer.  Well that one day came almost a year later and I couldn’t have been more excited and honored that she wanted me as her wedding photographer.

Since their wedding was in the early fall, we waited to do their engagement photos until just a few weeks before the ceremony when it was starting to get a little cooler.  Here are the favorites of this beautiful couple…

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