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Movin’ South

Last weekend my hubby and I packed up and left our home, close friends and family, and what has been our lives for the past 10 years in Tahlequah, OK for a town north of Dallas, TX called Lewisville.  Hubby finally got the green light from his company to relocate after what seemed like forever to us not knowing where or when.  When he started his new job last year we knew eventually it would move us somewhere, but we had no idea where or when it would be.  We have always kind of dreamed of moving away from everything we know to have a little adventure on our own, and we’ve always liked visiting the Dallas area, so that became the area we hoped to move to.  And though I dreaded the thought of moving anywhere north, I knew it could very well happen.  A few months ago, we got the call that he would probably be relocated to Arlington, TX which was exciting because 1) it was SOUTH! and 2) it’s right by Dallas!  But, it could be weeks or months before they got everything squared away and we would actually have to move.  A few weeks later it was confirmed that it was for sure Arlington, but again, not sure when we would actually move.  A few more weeks pass and all that changes.  Now, they were relocating us to Lewisville, TX (also right by Dallas!!) and probably very soon.  So, that weekend we hopped in the car, drove down to Lewisville, and checked out places to live.  In one day, we saw 20 different apartments all within 5 minutes of Matt’s new job location (he had been making an hour and 15 min. commute to and from Tulsa sometimes 6 days a week since last August, so finding a place to live with zero commute time was at the top of his list!). We were excited and a little nervous that this was actually happening.  Then, more waiting… A month passes before they finally tell us it was time to move.  After all this waiting and plans changing, I wasn’t sure this would actually happen, but that next week when we actually started to pack up our house, I couldn’t hold back the tears.  This house, which I realize is just a house, has been our home for the past 4 years.  Matt bought it right after he got his job at NSU and just a few months before he proposed and we got married.  He had wanted me to go with him house hunting because he knew the house he bought wouldn’t be for just him, it would be for us.  I remember coming home from our honeymoon to stay there for the first time.  I remember waking up the next day and opening all of our wedding gifts together in our pj’s in the living room. I remember having lots of game nights, birthday parties, dinners, and hangouts there with our close friends and family.  I remember when all the walls were white, the woodwork was an ugly brown color, the vanity in our bathroom was small and outdated, the carpet was nasty and stained, the linoleum in the kitchen was old and grimy.  And after 3 1/2 years we had slowly remodeled this shell of a house and turned it into a beautiful home that we loved.  This house was more than just a house for us. It was a place where a lot of our favorite memories had happened.  So, seeing it get emptier and emptier, just overwhelmed me with sadness.  Not only were we leaving this house, but our closest friends who had become like family to us.  There were times when I would just lose it and start sobbing and Matt would just hug me and let me cry for a while on his shoulder.  That Friday, family came and helped us move all our stuff down to the apartment, then we drove back to Oklahoma since I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday while Matt and his mom got the rest of the house packed up and cleaned. Then Sunday finally came. We went to our church for the last time, went out to eat with some friends like we did every Sunday after church, and started our drive to our new home.  Instead of feeling excited about our new adventure that we had prayed and hoped for in the very location we had dreamed of, I was overcome with fear, anxiety, and sadness.  I’m pretty sure I cried most of the drive down, but once we got there and started getting things unpacked and put in their place, it already started to feel like a home.

So, all that to say that Cassy Pack Photography has also moved!  I will definitely be back for visits to the Tulsa and Tahlequah area, so please contact me at if you’d like to book me for a session or wedding.  I will be taking off from August-mid October to recover from having our first baby!  We are thrilled about that and she can’t get here soon enough…well, yes she can, because we don’t have everything ready for her yet! :) HA!  In the meantime, enjoy the next few blog posts as I finally get caught up on blogging! YAY!

2 responses

  1. Kara

    =( That was very sad! Tahlequah won’t be the same without you both. We will miss seeing you when we have our visits! Perhaps sometime we will still be able to run into each other. I can’t wait to see your baby girl! God has been so faithful to us since moving to Louisville, and we will both be praying that He will do the same for you in providing a church family and friends.

    June 8, 2011 at 6:39 pm

  2. Rebecca

    Sounds like you had a bittersweet time with the move. I felt like I was reading my story in your blog. Claude bought our house when were about to get engaged. It was my only home with him and full of so many amazing memories. Moving is weird. But God is good. Glad He goes with us wherever we are. Miss you guys! Hope to see you someday when we are all back in OK for holidays or something. Can’t wait to meet Baby Girl Pack!!!

    June 17, 2011 at 10:46 pm

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