Life through a lens


My Baby Girl

February 3rd marked 5 amazing months since you were born and boy has time flown!  I absolutely love your slobbery kisses, high pitched squeals, open mouthed smiles, and little giggles that daddy and I try so hard to get! I love spending every day all day with you and couldn’t imagine not being able to do just that.  You are still a very happy, sweet baby. You love to be talked to, held and played with. You love your entertainment bouncer, chewing on anything and everything you can get your hands on, watching t.v. any chance you get (which we try hard not to let you do just yet), and standing up.  You hold yourself up so well on your tummy and have been rolling back and forth for a while now.  You also can sit up on your own for a little bit, but mommy stays really close in case you start to tip over.  You’ve been making noises and squealing, but recently started to make sounds like you’re trying to say words to us, like “ba-ba-ba”.  It’s so cute!  You also have started reaching for daddy and me sometimes and it just melts our hearts.  Daddy has been trying and trying to get you to laugh since you were born, and sometimes, just sometimes we’ll get a giggle or two out of you, but it’s pretty inconsistent.  You are still on a really good 3-4 hour schedule during the day and normally sleep all night.  Naps for you are really inconsistent.  Some days you go down great and sleep well for an hour or two. Others, you fight it and mommy doesn’t know what to do.  You were doing well with your laryngial (sp?) malaysia (where your larynx flaps close down and restrict airflow causing you to work hard to breath and make gasping noises) but then had several episodes in a row, a couple of them pretty scary, so we went back to your doctor and changed your acid reflux meds.  It has seemed to help since you haven’t had any episodes since.  We are praying that God would heal you of both issues and very soon! :)  You are such a beautiful baby and such a joy to be around.  Daddy and I are completely in love with you and not a day goes by that we don’t look at you in awe of our great God who created you and blessed us with you.  Our prayer is that we always, always point you to the One who loves you and knows you better than we do. And because these posts aren’t as fun without pictures, here are some recent ones..ok, maybe I should say ‘here are A LOT of recent ones’!


Liam {Tulsa Children’s Photographer}

So, I’m a bit behind on blogging.  Meet Liam.

He was 4 months old in these photos, and now he’s almost 1!

He is such a cutie and gave me so many great smiles during our session.

Jackson {Tahlequah Children’s Photographer}

Remember this little guy?  Well, he’s already 6 months old and making another appearance on the blog.  Actually, as I type this he’s 8 months old and I am still just a little behind on blogging…but that’s neither here nor there :)  Anyway, my good friend Jamie wanted some new photos of her sweet little man and I couldn’t have been happier to take them.  Jackson is such a sweet baby, always smiling, cooing and calm.  Makes me really hope our little bundle of joy will be the same way when she enters this world come August/September.  Here are some of my favorites…

Look at that laugh and him eating his toes!  Too precious!

“Hmm my toes are tasty.  I  think I’ll have another bite!”

Tulsa Family Photographer: {J} Family

Late last fall I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable family of 3…

I had taken photos of little Gunnar before, so when momma asked me to do a family session, I was thrilled!

Love this one…

Could he be any cuter??

Catching Up…Children’s Photographer: Isaac, Andrew & Kate

Wow.  How in the world have I let 3 months go by without a single post?  Disorganization, that’s how.  I got so caught up in the whirlwind of sessions and weddings that hit at the end of the year that I let this little blog of mine go by the wayside.  Well folks, I’m back…and with a plan!  One of my goals for this year (no, not resolution, because who really even keeps those anyway?) is to blog at least once a week.  “Whoa! Once a week?? Watch out!,” you might be thinking..but yes, I’m going to try.  So as the title suggests, I have A LOT of catching up to do!

I love kids. I really do. But chasing them around with a camera for a couple hours is exhausting! And these little cousins made me WORK! : ) Andrew and Isaac’s mom and dad used to go to church with us until they went and moved all the way up to Minneapolis for dad to do an internship at Bethlehem Baptist (if you haven’t heard of the pastor there, John Piper, you should check him out! He’s kind of amazing!) and ended up staying there. I was so glad they contacted me for pictures when they were in town this past summer.

Here are a few of the boys, Isaac and Andrew…

and here is their precious cousin Kate, who I could barely get a smile out of…

…but boy do I looooove those chubby little cheeks! : )

and now all together as rock stars…

Thanks so much for letting me document your little ones!

Children’s Photographer: Sankie & Owen

You may have seen these adorable little boys on my old blog back when I first started taking pictures with a dslr. The have been my guinea pigs from the beginning since their mom and dad are two of our closest friends.   They have become like family to Matt and I and we are so thankful for their friendship. We’ve gotten to watch both of them grow from newborns into little boys and it has been such a blessing to see. A couple months back their mom, Jamie, actually asked me to take some photos of them (normally I beg her to! : ) ) and I of course said yes!  These two were a hoot and definitely gave me a workout chasing them around during our session!  My legs were eaten up by chiggers, but the photos were so worth it : ). Here are my favorites…

Look at that innocent little face!  I could just kiss him all over : )  Owen’s favorite word to me right now is “No!”  I’m tellin’ you, anything I ask him, that’s his answer.

Sankie went through a phase a while back where he didn’t want anything to do with me.  I’m not gonna lie, it totally hurt my feelings even though I know he’s just a little kid.  But several months ago, he finally started warming up to me again and I’m so glad!  I just love this kid!

They are such hams….love it!

Sankie is such a loving older brother to Owen, and it’s just so sweet to watch.  Owen follows Sankie around everywhere and tries to do everything brother is doing..

And I’ll end with pretty much the only photo I got of them both smiling at me!