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McKenzie & Nathan {Tulsa Engagement Photographer}

Kenzie and I go way back.  All the way back to when she was born.  I was there when my little sister came into this world.  I don’t remember how I felt about it then (I was probably upset that I wouldn’t be an only child anymore. Can we say brat??) but I do know that I now love that I have 3 little sisters.  I remember a time when we were both small that she would do anything I told her.  That didn’t last all that long and she’s been completely independent since.  Well, until Nathan came along in the 8th grade.  I remember the night he asked her to “go out” with him (like 13 yr. olds can even go on dates) over AOL instant messenger.  We were all (my mom, sisters, and I) standing around watching this middle school conversation happen.  Then he typed “I love you”.  I made fun of him (since I was so cool) and told Kenzie NOT to say it back, cause that would be stupid, right?  Remember that independence?  I think she thrives on disagreeing with me sometimes and doing the complete opposite :)  So, it was no surprise that she typed it back.  Well, almost 12 years later, after a few break ups and make ups (which is totally understandable when you start a relationship at the age of 13!), they are finally tying the knot!  I was thrilled when Kenzie (the creative one of the family) asked me to take engagement photos!  And, being so artsy, she also knew exactly what she wanted when it came to stylizing her photoshoot, which I absolutely loved!, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Love her creativity. Yes, she made these!

How bout’ a picnic in the woods?

They are so goofy together :)  Welcome to the family, Nathan!

Downtown Tulsa Engagement: Tyler & Victoria

A little over 5 years ago, as Tyler was walking through his college’s University Center, he noticed this good lookin’ soccer player named Victoria.  He introduced himself and chatted for a bit, hoping to win her over, but she wasn’t too impressed and they went their separate ways.  But Tyler knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to get it.  He began going to all the home soccer games and cheering Victoria on from the sidelines.  They became facebook friends and messaged and poked each other often.  After facebooking for a while, they started hanging out and became inseparable.  Three years later, Tyler graduated and moved to Arizona to pursue a career, and 6 months later, after graduating herself, Victoria followed him.  He had won her heart, not for a few years, but forever.

She said yes to forever after an early morning hike to watch the sunrise.  Little did she know Tyler had brought along a scrapbook containing the last 5 years of their lives together…and the last page had a picture of him down on one knee.  How adorable! :)

I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding this fall!  Victoria has great style (as you can see from the photos below) and I just know their wedding will be nothing short of amazing!

We had a great overcast day for their engagement session in Downtown Tulsa and, as you’ll see, a ton of locations to shoot…

Tyler and my husband Matt were fraternity brothers in college and Victoria and I both played soccer at NSU, though not at the same time.

Tyler can be a complete goofball, but I love how Victoria doesn’t get embarrassed by it, she just laughs along with him..

I love this set!

We ended the session in the middle of downtown…so classy and romantic…

Tahlequah Engagement: Seth & Mandy

Meet Seth and Mandy…

I have gone to church with Seth and his family for years and shot his older sister Sarah’s wedding last May.  Seth is fun loving, extremely goofy, and an all around great guy.  And Mandy, who is a bit more reserved, is just as sweet as can be…

They met through a friend a few years ago, and after facebooking back and forth for a while, Seth finally got up the courage to ask her out and they’ve been together ever since.  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this June!

We had to split up their session into 2 weekends, and as you can tell, Mandy’s hair got a little shorter…

Tahlequah Engagement: Sam & Amber

A couple years ago I worked a summer job at a fireworks warehouse owned by a family that we go to church with.  Amber is one of their gorgeous daughters who I hadn’t really gotten know very well.  Extremely shy but really sweet, Amber became one of the people I really enjoyed chatting with at work everyday.  At the end of that summer I was really starting to get into photography and had gotten the opportunity to shoot my very first wedding.  Amber, being the sweet girl that she is, kindly suggested that maybe one day when she got married (to the boy she had been dating since high school, no less!)  I could be her photographer.  Well that one day came almost a year later and I couldn’t have been more excited and honored that she wanted me as her wedding photographer.

Since their wedding was in the early fall, we waited to do their engagement photos until just a few weeks before the ceremony when it was starting to get a little cooler.  Here are the favorites of this beautiful couple…

Tahlequah Engagement: Kyle + Misty

They met at a band concert.  Misty was playing and Kyle was one of the judges.  After catching each other’s eye and with the encouragement of friends, Kyle got the nerve to ask for Misty’s phone number.  And she excitedly gave it to him.  They remained friends for a while and then the relationship became more.  And the rest they say is history.

I can’t say enough good things about this sweet couple.  The first time we met was the day of their engagement shoot, which I was a little nervous about.  But as soon as we started chatting, I felt like they could be old friends.  I absolutely cannot wait to shoot your wedding in just a few short weeks!  Enjoy the photos!

We started the session at NSU where they are both attending classes…

These next 3 make me laugh so hard!  Misty had a great photo idea for her and Kyle to spell L O V E with their fingers, and he was having such a hard time figuring out how to make the E …

So she ended up doing it herself  : )

Misty, you are gorgeous!

The Reason

I feel like I owe an explanation about why I didn’t keep up with my last blog.  Not that anyone out there cares, but I want to be able to look back and remember why I started this online journal, again. My name is Cassy Pack, and the last time I blogged was 8-14-09.  Eeek!  Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.  But, I feel like I have a decent explanation for this.  As you may know, at this point in my life I don’t do photography full time.  I am a teacher, and last August I began subbing when the school year started.  Little did I know that in the coming weeks my freedom to go from classroom to classroom as a sub would land me in a full-time, long-term sub position at a very small school in town.

From the beginning I was scared to death.  You see, I have a degree in Finance, got alternatively certified as an elementary teacher, and have a passion for photography.  I’m ALL over the place.  So, even though I had my teaching license, I had not been able to procure a full time teaching job, and was left to sub, something I had been doing since January.  But subbing is very little like actual teaching.  Yes, you are in control of a classroom of students, and yes, you teach through lesson plans, go to recess, take them on bathroom breaks, etc.  But with subbing, every day is a different classroom, different students, different subjects, and a lot of the time different schools.  So, in my opinion, it’s very easy because you come in, keep the class from going crazy for 7 hours, then you leave.   No. Strings. Attached.  And I loved that.  But that all changed when I accepted the long-term sub position.  All at once I had to learn how to manage a classroom, grade papers, keep up with 2 gradebooks, and write lesson plans.  “I’m sorry, what did you just say?  Write lesson plans???”  O.M.G.  I hadn’t ever done that before and I had no idea where to start.  Luckily, I have an abundance of friends that are teachers and immediately began drilling all of them about how I was to take on this task.  They were gracious and so helpful.  Eventually, I got to a point where I wasn’t crying every day and was able to breathe normally again. Jokes, people.  But really I did cry every day my first couple of weeks.  I mean, who wouldn’t ball after being thrown into a classroom 6 weeks into school with no lesson plans and basically told, “it’s either sink or swim”?  I had no choice but to swim.  I wanted to be a teacher, and I had just been given this amazing opportunity to take on a class of my own.  It scared me to death.  I know that God allows things to happen in our life , good or bad, so that we learn to continually lean on Him, and this past year, I did.  I remember thinking I would be amazed if I made it okay through the first semester, and astounded if I lasted the whole year.

Our last day of school was May 14.   And I finished.  It was an amazing year.  I learned so much from my peers, the students, and also my mistakes.  One woman in particular took me under her wing, and I can’t thank her enough for her willingness to help me, to teach me.

So that is the story behind my bad blogging habits.  I got a day job that took up all my time and energy.  And to be honest, that same thing may happen again this fall.  But, I wanted to start fresh and really try to make this blogging relationship work.

I’ll end this post with some photos taken over the past year.  In the midst of my crazy busy life, I still managed (though I don’t know how) to take on some photography pursuits.  Hope you enjoy!

First up is an engagement session with an awesome couple, Jared + Sarah:

Next, is one of the cutest 2 yr. olds, Gunner:

Here’s an engagement session I did recently with some good friends of mine, Mike + Jess:

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this July!