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Emersyn, Weston, and Aiden {Tahlequah, Tulsa, and Dallas Newborns}

In the past few months, we had several friends that had babies and I got the pleasure of driving all over to capture their adorable-ness :) Hope you enjoy!

Tyler & Victoria {Tulsa St. Henry’s Catholic Church Wedding}

About a year ago now, I shot this cute little engagement session with Tyler and Vicky.  Back then, I kind of knew Tyler through my husband Matt, and just barely knew Vicky because she played soccer at NSU.  Since then, Matt and I moved down to the north Dallas area just 20 minutes from where Tyler and Vicky lived and they have become some of our funnest, closest friends here.  Over the last 9 months, we’ve hung out with them numerous times and they even visited us in the hospital when sweet little Naomi was born.  Having become such good friends, I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding last October!  Vicky had all along been sharing with me all the fun details about their day and I was so excited to get to be a part of it all.  T & V – I absolutely love hanging out with you two! You all complement each other so well and your wedding day was nothing short of amazing and beautiful, not to mention extremely fun! Seriously, BEST. WEDDING. PARTY. EVER.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard shooting the wedding party portraits before!  So glad we’ve become such good friends :)  Enjoy the favorites from your day!

This is Tyler surprising Vicky with the stunning diamond wedding band..

Husband and Wife!

Funnest. Reception. EVER.

David & Kyndra {Tulsa Couples Photographer}

Kyndra contacted me last year for some 1 year anniversary photos for her and her sweet hubby.  With our move to Texas and having Naomi, we weren’t able to get together until October.  It was a perfect evening in Tulsa and David and Kyndra were such a fun couple to hang out with for a couple hours.  Kyndra is an aspiring photographer herself so it was really fun to chat about lenses, editing software and everything in between.  I absolutely love how their photos turned out because they show what a fun and sweet couple they are! Enjoy my favorites!


McKenzie & Nathan {Tulsa Engagement Photographer}

Kenzie and I go way back.  All the way back to when she was born.  I was there when my little sister came into this world.  I don’t remember how I felt about it then (I was probably upset that I wouldn’t be an only child anymore. Can we say brat??) but I do know that I now love that I have 3 little sisters.  I remember a time when we were both small that she would do anything I told her.  That didn’t last all that long and she’s been completely independent since.  Well, until Nathan came along in the 8th grade.  I remember the night he asked her to “go out” with him (like 13 yr. olds can even go on dates) over AOL instant messenger.  We were all (my mom, sisters, and I) standing around watching this middle school conversation happen.  Then he typed “I love you”.  I made fun of him (since I was so cool) and told Kenzie NOT to say it back, cause that would be stupid, right?  Remember that independence?  I think she thrives on disagreeing with me sometimes and doing the complete opposite :)  So, it was no surprise that she typed it back.  Well, almost 12 years later, after a few break ups and make ups (which is totally understandable when you start a relationship at the age of 13!), they are finally tying the knot!  I was thrilled when Kenzie (the creative one of the family) asked me to take engagement photos!  And, being so artsy, she also knew exactly what she wanted when it came to stylizing her photoshoot, which I absolutely loved!, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Love her creativity. Yes, she made these!

How bout’ a picnic in the woods?

They are so goofy together :)  Welcome to the family, Nathan!

Cody & Lacey {Skiatook Wedding}

This little wedding happened back in June last year, and frankly, I forgot to get it up here on the blog.  So here are my favorites from Cody and Lacey’s big day!

Liam {Tulsa Children’s Photographer}

So, I’m a bit behind on blogging.  Meet Liam.

He was 4 months old in these photos, and now he’s almost 1!

He is such a cutie and gave me so many great smiles during our session.

Michael & Lauren {Tulsa McBirney Mansion Wedding}

Michael and Lauren go way back. I mean, waaaaay back.  To, like, elementary school.  He played soccer with her older brother all the way through high school, but as far as Lauren was concerned, boys were gross.  And especially her brother’s friends.  It wasn’t until they reconnected during college at the University of Tulsa that they saw something special in each other.  For Lauren, all of a sudden Michael had become this tall, dark, and handsome guy she couldn’t take her eyes off of.  And according to Michael, seeing Lauren in a TU cheerleading uniform was all it took. Oh, and he liked the fact that she loved animals :).  After dating for 4.5 years, they finally said ”I do” in front of their closest friends and family at the beautiful McBirney Mansion in Tulsa. Thank you all so much for allowing me to capture one of the best days of your lives!  Enjoy the favorites… Lauren, you look stunning in this set! Michael and Lauren were all smiles for their first look! And even though it was blazing hot outside, we got some great shots of just the two of them.. Oh my goodness, the ring bearer and flower girl were just too cute! One of Lauren’s brothers played and sang as their father walked her down the aisle…how sweet is that?! Love this photo of them after they are announced husband and wife!

Wyatt & Brittany {Tahlequah Eagle Bluff Wedding}

Just a couple weeks ago I posted the awesome bridal session I had with Brittany.  And when it came to the wedding, this girl went above and beyond!

 As she got ready in the girls cottage…

Wyatt goofed around with his groomsmen.  And to be honest, I think it took him longer to get ready… :)

They opted for a First Look which gave us plenty of time for photos around the Eagle Bluff resort..

The labels, invitations, and programs were all custom designed by the bride herself!  I was completely blown away by how amazing they all looked…


I loooved all the different center pieces Brittany had put together.  Each table was different, but all had a vintage flair…

She even had a kids table!  Who even thinks of that?!  Brilliant…

H Family {Tahlequah Family Photographer}

This little family was so cute!  Thank you {H} family for letting me document this time in your lives!  Enjoy the favorites from the session…


Kaylie {Westville Newborn Photographer}

Meet 7 week old Kaylie…

Isn’t she beautiful??  Daddy is in the military, so he brought an American flag to use in the shoot.  I love how it turned out in this photo!

It took us a while to get her to fall asleep so we could get these last few shots, but it was so worth it!  She is just precious!

Loved these last 2 where we incorporated Momma’s saddle and a cute diaper cover made just for her…


Brittany {Tahlequah Bridal Photographer}

If I could choose an ideal looking bride, Brittany would be it…

Her vintage look was absolutely breathtaking, especially in this field!  Her dress was stunning, the birdcage veil was perfect, makeup was flawless, hair was amazing, and the shoes were super cute and comfy (flats!  I wish I would have worn flats on my wedding day!)  Brittany was everything I could have hoped to photograph that day, and the weather was perfectly overcast as well!

You’ve probably seen this red chair in some of my other sessions…I just love how it brings a pop of color to the photos!

In the middle of March in Oklahoma, everything is still pretty much dead. But when I spotted this patch of bright green grass, I just had to use it in the session!  I love how these next few turned out…

Favorite image from the session…Brittany, you are gorgeous!

Movin’ South

Last weekend my hubby and I packed up and left our home, close friends and family, and what has been our lives for the past 10 years in Tahlequah, OK for a town north of Dallas, TX called Lewisville.  Hubby finally got the green light from his company to relocate after what seemed like forever to us not knowing where or when.  When he started his new job last year we knew eventually it would move us somewhere, but we had no idea where or when it would be.  We have always kind of dreamed of moving away from everything we know to have a little adventure on our own, and we’ve always liked visiting the Dallas area, so that became the area we hoped to move to.  And though I dreaded the thought of moving anywhere north, I knew it could very well happen.  A few months ago, we got the call that he would probably be relocated to Arlington, TX which was exciting because 1) it was SOUTH! and 2) it’s right by Dallas!  But, it could be weeks or months before they got everything squared away and we would actually have to move.  A few weeks later it was confirmed that it was for sure Arlington, but again, not sure when we would actually move.  A few more weeks pass and all that changes.  Now, they were relocating us to Lewisville, TX (also right by Dallas!!) and probably very soon.  So, that weekend we hopped in the car, drove down to Lewisville, and checked out places to live.  In one day, we saw 20 different apartments all within 5 minutes of Matt’s new job location (he had been making an hour and 15 min. commute to and from Tulsa sometimes 6 days a week since last August, so finding a place to live with zero commute time was at the top of his list!). We were excited and a little nervous that this was actually happening.  Then, more waiting… A month passes before they finally tell us it was time to move.  After all this waiting and plans changing, I wasn’t sure this would actually happen, but that next week when we actually started to pack up our house, I couldn’t hold back the tears.  This house, which I realize is just a house, has been our home for the past 4 years.  Matt bought it right after he got his job at NSU and just a few months before he proposed and we got married.  He had wanted me to go with him house hunting because he knew the house he bought wouldn’t be for just him, it would be for us.  I remember coming home from our honeymoon to stay there for the first time.  I remember waking up the next day and opening all of our wedding gifts together in our pj’s in the living room. I remember having lots of game nights, birthday parties, dinners, and hangouts there with our close friends and family.  I remember when all the walls were white, the woodwork was an ugly brown color, the vanity in our bathroom was small and outdated, the carpet was nasty and stained, the linoleum in the kitchen was old and grimy.  And after 3 1/2 years we had slowly remodeled this shell of a house and turned it into a beautiful home that we loved.  This house was more than just a house for us. It was a place where a lot of our favorite memories had happened.  So, seeing it get emptier and emptier, just overwhelmed me with sadness.  Not only were we leaving this house, but our closest friends who had become like family to us.  There were times when I would just lose it and start sobbing and Matt would just hug me and let me cry for a while on his shoulder.  That Friday, family came and helped us move all our stuff down to the apartment, then we drove back to Oklahoma since I had a wedding to shoot on Saturday while Matt and his mom got the rest of the house packed up and cleaned. Then Sunday finally came. We went to our church for the last time, went out to eat with some friends like we did every Sunday after church, and started our drive to our new home.  Instead of feeling excited about our new adventure that we had prayed and hoped for in the very location we had dreamed of, I was overcome with fear, anxiety, and sadness.  I’m pretty sure I cried most of the drive down, but once we got there and started getting things unpacked and put in their place, it already started to feel like a home.

So, all that to say that Cassy Pack Photography has also moved!  I will definitely be back for visits to the Tulsa and Tahlequah area, so please contact me at if you’d like to book me for a session or wedding.  I will be taking off from August-mid October to recover from having our first baby!  We are thrilled about that and she can’t get here soon enough…well, yes she can, because we don’t have everything ready for her yet! :) HA!  In the meantime, enjoy the next few blog posts as I finally get caught up on blogging! YAY!

Jackson {Tahlequah Children’s Photographer}

Remember this little guy?  Well, he’s already 6 months old and making another appearance on the blog.  Actually, as I type this he’s 8 months old and I am still just a little behind on blogging…but that’s neither here nor there :)  Anyway, my good friend Jamie wanted some new photos of her sweet little man and I couldn’t have been happier to take them.  Jackson is such a sweet baby, always smiling, cooing and calm.  Makes me really hope our little bundle of joy will be the same way when she enters this world come August/September.  Here are some of my favorites…

Look at that laugh and him eating his toes!  Too precious!

“Hmm my toes are tasty.  I  think I’ll have another bite!”